Hire Me

Contact me via email: mcwilfo@gmail.com if you would like to hire me for any of the services offered or to get a quote. Once this has been agreed then a start date will be decided, depending on current workload. Please send me your work no later than 24 hours before the start date.

Generally, formatting and proofreading jobs will be completed within 10 days and editing within two weeks. Naturally, this depends on the size of  the project and how much work is required; small pieces of work will be completed much more quickly. Please let me know of any special areas to focus on and if you are working to any deadlines, as I will endeavour to adjust my schedule accordingly. If needed, I will try to return work within two or three days although this may cost extra. Please attach your work as a Word document (doc. or docx.). You can expect a response within 24 hours.

The easiest way to pay is via Paypal, using the button in my sidebar. Any job over £100 will require a 50%, non-refundable deposit before commencement of work. I will also take a cheque if you live in the UK. For conversion to your currency of the rates shown, please go here.

If any further changes or corrections are necessary after you've reviewed the work, I'd appreciate being notified within five days, but don't worry if this takes longer.